Why Elton Lover Boy Ended The Contract With Saad Manager - Revealed

Posted on Dec 02, 2021
By Brian Skillz

News about Elton Lover Boy and Saad Manager ending their working relationship hit the wave last evening, leaving many of their fans asking questions.


Just like we promised, we had to dig deep and find out answers to why the sudden end of contract between Saad and the Superior Music Entertainment (SME) boss, Elton. 


This website has now learnt that, the CEO of SME, Elton Lover Boy ended the contract on basis of letting Saad Manager Focus on his education. Saad is currently at one of the universities in Kampala studying, so the label felt he needed more time to focus on his books than allowing him mix books with management, since music management equally requires a lot of time for one to put in the activities of a label.


However, Saad on the other hand was heard telling close friends that, he left because he has other things he is currently doing.


We wish parties the best…..

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