Joanitah D Gyal Forms a New Record Label

Posted on Jun 21, 2024
By Maas Manus

Alur songstress Joanitah D Gyal has announced the launch of her new music label, Joanitah Cartel, which will handle all her future music releases.


The artist, known for her hit single "Iweka Ikoyo," plans to collaborate with talent managers, artists, promoters, DJs, bloggers, and anyone passionate about art and music worldwide.


Joanitah D Gyal, reflecting on her music career, stated that she has worked with various industry professionals. She now sees forming her own label as a necessary step for growth and greater creative freedom. "I have worked with many people in this industry, which I am grateful for, but now it's time to make this decision to grow and collaborate with more people without restrictions," she said.


The newly established label will debut with her forthcoming extended play (EP) titled "West Nile Girl." The EP, consisting of six songs, will address themes of girl child education and women's emancipation in West Nile leadership.


It will span multiple genres, including cultural music, educational tracks, and contemporary Afrobeats. The lead single, "AWOBI PARA," is set to be released by the end of June 2024.


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