Astro Lifa, T.Mgnt Part Ways Silently.

Posted on Jul 06, 2024
By Maas Manus

A long-standing feud between Astro Lifa and T Management that has been quietly brewing, has now come to limelight.


Many entertainment icons in the Alur Music Industry are seemingly unaware or choosing to ignore the situation.


But, it is now Cristal clear that, Astro is out of T. management.


Astro Lifa's new project with Riaso Boy, titled "Para Koch," highlights his departure from the label, as he did not mention or credit T Management, unlike his previous projects.


Last month, Bdong Brian posted on Facebook, "Astro Lifa kicks off his new music journey with Riaso Boy collaboration titled 'Para Koch'.”


According to a reliable source, the Nyadikili hitmaker is planning a major concert by the end of the year, suggesting further his drift away from T Management.


Katx Legacy, the Public Relations Officer for T Management, confirmed that Lifa is no longer with the label. "We have been waiting for Astro to publicly announce his withdrawal from the camp. The label has done nothing wrong to him," said Katx.


He also mentioned that Lifa has blocked both him and Anena Try, the manager, indicating a clear separation.


When contacted, Astro says he has not received any formal communication from the label but acknowledged the likelihood of his departure.


"Yeah, there is a smell of that, but still, life goes on," he remarked.


Efforts to reach other prominent figures from the Camp such as Mc Kay Pow Pwo and Frigidi Frogodo were unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report as their known telephone numbers were unreachable.


Astro Lifa joined T Management in 2019 as a solo artist during his rise in the West Nile Music Industry. Currently, the label's roster includes only Starboy Junior, who joined about three years ago.


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