Elton Lover Boy Signs New Talent

Posted on Apr 25, 2020
By Brian Skillz

West Nile music is growing and so are the music labels.

Elton Lover Boy heads one of the top music labels in Alur music called Superior Music Entertainment (SME).

The label has artistes like Jay Jagz and Ashan Killa besides Elton.

However the boss SME, Elton today surprised their fans by unveiling another talent called Vano Gadget.

Lover Boy says, his dream is to support upcoming talents and bringing Vano to his label is the best way he can show his love and support for young talents.

Little is yet known about this new talent Vano Gadget, but sources reveal that Elton fell in love with this artiste's talent during a studio recording of his latest song - Corona

Vano and Elton met at the studio and the rest led to the signing to SME.

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