Astro Lifa, Ramz Kugire Reconnected after a Long Feud.

Posted on May 20, 2024
By Maas Manus

Astro Lifa, over the weekends joined hands to work on a new project with Core Records producer, Ramz Kugire after a prolonged period of silent vendetta.


An associates of Core Records revealed that Ramz Kugire had previously deleted one of Astro Lifa's voices on a projects and assigned the instrumental to another artist, Rolling Snake, amidst the grudge.


Surprisingly on a Friday night 17th, May 2024, Vuzeze joins Producer Rams in a Dance Hall tune dubbed "Disco" featuring DJ Phally.


Videos from the studio session, updated on WhatsApp by DJ Phally and Jumak K, the Manager of Core Records, depict both teams enjoying the sessions and maintaining a 'positive vibes'.


In a conversation with the both artists on Sunday, May 19, 2024, Ramz Kugire confirmed the reconciliation, stating, "Yes," While the 'Nyadikili' hit maker responded that "We had no problems."


With this renewed corporation, it’s a good look for extraordinary projects from these prominent Alur Stars, starting with their first collaboration, "Disco," featuring DJ Phally, a renowned DJ from Nebbi.


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