Only Idle Fools Talk Bad About My Daughter –Frank Gashumba [Video]

Posted on May 06, 2020
By Site admin

Motor mouthed  FranK Gashumba has come out to defend his daughter Sheilah Gashumba from the online rants after she exposed NTV Uganda’s poor pay to presenters at the Serena based Tv station.

Sheila last Friday went on her Twitter and twitted that NTV Uganda use to exploit her and pay her Shs 50,000 for each show. Something that sent many online into rants.

Frank Gashumba, has however come out DURING A Tv interview on NBS Tv to defend Sheilah over the remarks saying those who are ranting negative vibe towards his daughter are ‘fools’.

He added that he only allowed Sheilah to receive that money for the sake of developing her Tv talent.

According to Frank, those attacking Sheilah are frustrated idlers who have no moral authority of commenting on a ‘big’ brand like Sheilah.

 “NTV The Beat, T-Nation, and The Style Project shows are no longer trending because Sheilah quit,” Gashumba added more salt on the injury.


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