Don't Dare Put Second Lockdown- Mr Dee Warns Government

Posted on Jun 12, 2020
By Brian Skillz

All is not well with Lira based music artiste Mrr Dee after he heard romours of the second lockdown.


Mrrr Dee says Corona has greately affected his music career and more lockdown will surely hurt him.


Through his facebook page, he posted;



I hear rumors all over the country (Uganda) that there may be another lockdown/curfew due to an increments on the number of corona patients

QN.1. What if corona has come to stay for years , does that mean we shall have to be in the lockdown for all those years as long as corona is still in existence???

QN2. What must be done to avoid both corona n lockdown/curfew ?''



From sources, Mrr Dee is threatening to abandon music if the second lockdown is impossed. 



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