I'll never forgive Dogs of our area - Van Smokey Swears

Posted on Oct 23, 2020
By Derrick Passy

This year's Birthday Celebration for Ce audio Artist Anguyo Ivan alias Van Smokey will forever remain in history after Dogs took control of the meat meant for visitors & friends who had come to attend the Party mostly in company of their Lovers.


Accordingly, Within this week Van Smokey who organised his Birthday party at their Jiako home dubbed Goat Roasting Birthday party was left in ewe after the area Dogs took charge of the meat that was still being prepared on the stove since the Cold Weather & heavy Rains that started at around 9:00pm sent everyone inside including the visitors who rushed to look for free space & rooms in the house so as to find warmth from their lovers abandoning the meat that was still on the stove roasting paving Lee way for the area Dogs to take charge & feast on the meat mercilessly.


After the rain getting done at around 3:00 am, Smokey & friends were left in Shock upon coming out only to find the Stove empty forcing him & the friends to drink the available beers on empty stomach filled with Hunger & Anger.


www.westnilexpozed.com has learnt that, Since the Incident happened Van Smokey who is in plans of shooting his Ce Song Video lately moves with Stones in his pocket ready to throw at any Dog he finds on his way or around their home.



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