We Reject that Result & Poor Comparison - Fans cite Intrigue in Monopoly vs Quin Gee Voting

Posted on Nov 09, 2020
By Derrick Passy

What started as a good weekend for many didn't conclude well for not only Arsenal F.C Fans but also lovers & Supporters of the shining Boy from Maracha Monopoly Badcharacter who is still nursing wounds of his lost phone worth 3,000,000 (Three Million Shillings) after his Mari song received only a vote out of 14 (Fourteen) votes in Madi Sub-region's Transnile Broadcasting Services radio.


Accordingly, Like It's always a routine in Northern Special a program that runs every Sunday evenings hosted by Amafeku Napoleon aka Dj Napz, two songs have to battle each other as the voting is done through calls by listeners; this weekend Monopoly's Mari song faced off with Quin Gee's Kongoa where Kongoa was declaired to have won by 13-1 raising eyebrows of many Entertainment Gurus across westnile with some citing the criteria used while others termed the comparison as Immature & loose.


"This is like comparing how it feels to sleep in a Lodge & your own home" a famous Arua City Dj lamented as eye brows continue being raised


"The people who voted for Kongoa are the People being demanded so they felt Monopoly's song is a direct attack to them thus voting for the other" another concerned fan commented.


we at www.westnilexpozed.com are yet to get a comment from Monopoly's Management team in regard to this voting.



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