I Don’t Want To Release A Song During This COVID 19 And Remain Broke Like Free Boy – LP Shaady Blast

Posted on Dec 02, 2021
By Brian Skillz

West Nile based Arua city’s controversial rapper LP Shaady is back with another controversial statement.


Through a video live on his Facebook page, LP revealed why he has been silent musically during the COVID 19 period and calling those who released songs during the lockdown broke and lacking the mind of music business.


''Free boy released a big song...Kwata Simu, all over the place, how much did he earn from the song? , Zero! You want me to release a song during corona so that your work is to listen to it then leave it there?? You think I am fool?You think I am fool?! I am not,I am into music, I am in music business‘, LP Shaddy


The artiste came out with the statement today ahead of his forthcoming single titled ‘Teacher Fighting’







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