Video Director, Jordan Hoechlin Shares His Experience Working With Different Artists.

Posted on Nov 26, 2022
By Site admin

I love how African music is really rising up so quickly mostly Afropop and Afrobeats.


It’s really a good time for African artists to make money from music and art.


It’s really challenging to work with different artists  but it becomes easier when you understand the identity of the artist which give you a room to create and give out the best out of their brand.


I still find some of East African and South African music video so basic, sometimes according to the budgets or the creatives


On my side it seems like some artists or creatives don’t really take time to identify themselves and share different mind blowing concepts.


Also music East African creatives luck good equipments and good crew on their film production set.


It’s rising up day by day in 3-4 years the production of East African martlet it’ll be amazing.




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