Fate of Twisky Fingaz Music Under Former Two Stars' Manager Prince.

Posted on Feb 21, 2024
By Maas Manus

The union between Twisky Fingaz, the talented West Nile artist, and former 'Two Stars Entertainment' manager, Manager Prince, has breathed new life into Twisky's music, with his latest project "Iloka" captivating audiences across the regions of Northern Uganda and West Nile.


This dynamic partnership promises to deliver a fresh wave of creativity and innovation to the local music scenes as well as internal markets.


Twisky believes that it is time to up his creativity, since back home (Westnile) he already has a fan base. "We shall be doing music for our people as we are targeting country-wide markets and international markets because when we blow, we should have materials to deliver." He said.


The Luoboy notes that his single (ILoka) which is one of the songs in his Extended Play (EP) of over 5 songs, can clearly illustrate to his fans the direction and the type of music and sounds he is emphasizing.


"I Loka can speak for itself, but expect different types of Genres; Reggae, Afrobeat, name it! In this EP..."


For years, West Nile artists have been grappling to establish connections with their counterparts in Gulu City (Acholi) and Lira City (Lango). Twisky sees this collaboration as a significant step towards bridging the gap, emphasizing the importance of cultural unity beyond just music.


Lately, Luoboy and his manager (Manager Prince) have been posting and sharing studio footage and photos with the top award-winning artists from Northern Uganda, like Professor Maros and Parto Loverboy among others.


"Hopefully, you guys will see great works because when great people meet, great things happen." Twisky Fingaz said.


While Twisky Fingaz takes center stage, other West Nile artists like Lucky Dee, LB Sweaz, Elton Loverboy, and Astro Lifa have also made significant strides in penetrating the Northern Uganda market. Lucky Dee, in particular, has emerged as the "voice of the West Nilers" in Northern Uganda, solidifying the region's influence in the local music scene.


As Twisky Fingaz and Manager Prince continue to break barriers and push boundaries, the Northern Uganda music landscape is poised for a monumental transformation, fueled by talent, collaboration, culture, and Unity in diversity.


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