Tas Manager, Jerone Keen Reconciled

Posted on Jun 17, 2024
By Maas Manus

The former manager of GT Empire, Tas Manager, and Jerone Keen have reconciled.


Tas announced the reconciliation on his Facebook timeline, offering apologies and stating, "I am sorry for all that happened. Are you guys ready for the true GT Empire team?"


Tas expressed optimism about the future, saying, "This new term is going to elevate West Nile Music again. Let's vibe West Nile Music."


Jerone Keen endorsed the reconciliation, confirming they are working to restore their alliance. "Yes, we are working on it. He has apologized for all the wrong things he did. I told him I have no problems with him, and we shall start where we left off," Keen told Maas Manus.


The "Usegwok" singer expressed confidence that all former team members who left the camp will return. "All those guys will come back. They regret their negative actions against me. Let's give it time, just like this guy is coming back," he brags.


However, Solo Geng Geng dismissed the reconciliation as "a failure." Solo says, "I can not go back again, that's already a failure."



In 2022, Tas was suspended by Jerone Keen due to allegations of "theft" and "bad behavior," which the GT Empire boss says tarnished the empire's image.


Shortly after, Jerone Keen also fell out with Solo Geng Geng and Ronnie B (the Bouncer) in early 2023, following rumors of a bitter feud within the empire.


Since then, GT Empire has been working with Manager Spells and Frenzi Boi to expand their brand's influence beyond borders.


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