"Kilo" by West Nile 'Harmoney Queens' Causes Fraction Among Female Artistes

Posted on Jun 21, 2024
By Maas Manus

The “Harmony Queens” have today shoot video for their highly anticipated project, "Kilo."


The group, consisting of Maya Keys, Charry Cool, Zai, Sweet Lala, Candy, and newcomer Boss Bae, is a collective of six female artists from West Nile, specifically Alur Land.


Their collaboration aims to showcase unity and cooperation among female artists. However, the project has sparked fraction with other artists such as Swali Shilla, Ashley Dee, and Pretty Ketty, who pursued their own collaborations after their voices were removed from the project at core records, Nebbi.


A source close to the 'Harmony Queens' revealed that the trio initially failed to cooperate but wanted to join the project once it gained momentum. The source also mentioned financial contribution issues as a point of contention.


An argument that Swali Shilla disputes, attributing their exclusion to trust issues over money. “they accused us of being broke, We asked them to come with our money at hands during voicing. So, we (the trio) decided to create another song called 'Cwara' at Cyclops Records in Paidha," she explained.


Shilla also noted that their songs express gratitude to men, contrasting with the Harmony Queens' critical stance on men.


This morning, the Harmony Queens were spotted at a prominent salon in Nebbi Town, preparing for the video shoot. The first scenes are set in Nebbi, followed by Nyaravur and Pakwach later in the day.


Maya Keys confirmed the smooth progress of the video shoot, stating, "So far, so good with the project."


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