Saa Responds to Criticism Against 'A.E.A'

Posted on Jul 09, 2024
By Maas Manus

Saa Original, a prominent music promoter based in the Greater Nebbi, has responded to the ongoing social media speculations regarding the newly formed association aimed at uniting Alur Entertainers.


On Sunday, July 7, 2024, a set of artists convened at Gaf Apartments in Nebbi Municipality to establish a forum for the entertainment industry, aiming to foster unity among Alur entertainers for a common cause.


A similar meeting took place among Kampala-based Alur artists at Bununus Cave in Ntinda, Kampala, with the same objectives in mind.


Both groups have proposed naming their association 'Alur Entertainers Association (A.E.A),' a decision that has sparked mixed reactions among Alur musicians, entertainers, and their audiences.


Wojok Decorda, an artist who chaired the Kampala meeting, claims that "Alur Entertainers Association" is a movement he has been advocating for an extended period. He accused the Nebbi team of sabotaging  his efforts.


"This is a movement I have been promoting for a long time. What are they up to? There must be something behind this," the Banana singer said on a phone call. 


In response, Saa Original refuted these allegations, stating that the newly formed groups have different visions and goals. He assured that the name could be changed if it causes any discomfort among the artists.


"People should not be concerned about the association. If the name is causing issues, we can easily organize and change it," he remarked.


Additionally, Saa Original clarified that the new group is distinct from the Alur Music Association (AMA).


"This is not AMA; this is a different group. This should not create conflicts among us. Anyone who wants to join is welcome," he stated.


He also attributed AMA's failiure to individuals with negative intentions and urged the Alur community to abandon such a mentality to promote development in the entertainment industry and other areas.


"We have started this initiative, and many are fighting it, but we will persevere even if we are only 10 or 5 members. We will continue," he added.


During the Sunday meeting, Saa Original was appointed in charge of publicity for the new association.


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