West Nile’s Top Fashion Designer –Divine Donna Exposed

Posted on Mar 11, 2020
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The fashion industry is star rocking and when you go to West Nile, the name Divine Designers can never miss on list of the top fashion design labels in the region.



As team, westnilexpozed, we had to take a deep search into the life story of the founder and owner Amaru Donna alias Divine Donna.

Here is what we got in her bio and how she built her inspiration for fashion.



Divine Donna real names Amaru Donna, is 23year old Alur lady from Okoro,Zeu in particular and she is the last born of 3.


She was at St Stephen's nursery and primary school,kyebando for for her nursery education then Joined Paidha Model Primary School for P1-P7

Donna kick started her high school at St Mary's Ediofe girls where she studied for 2 years and then joined St Augustine Paidha SS for my S3&S4.


During her S4 vacation, she got to know of a fashion designer called Vannesa Irene who had a fashion/design workshop within Paidha when she organized a fashion. Donna attended this fashion show and was inspired by the beauty of fashion.



This was the beginning of her dream into the fashion and design world.

She developed a strong love for fashion design and she had to share it with her dad.

Donna asked her Dad to allow her join a fashion school in order for her to learn fashion skills.


Luckily enough, her dad welcomed the idea and Donna enrolled for a certificate course at YMCA, Wandegeya where she attained her professional paper in Fashion design.


Divine begun her journey into the Fashion designing after the competition of her certificate education at YMCA, she went back to Paidha.


She first started making clothes for herself, friends and family...without taking on outside clients.


In the long run, her mum and elder sister suggested she look for a room within the town and start up a workshop where other people too could have access her services, something that, Donna did not buy because she was still lacking the self-confidence to work on other clients.


She feared that she would meet different fashion requests that she may not handle and the clients would embarrass her once she failed to meet their demands.

She then pick some confidence through the encouragement she was getting from friends and family,she gave it a shot and opened her first workshop in Paidha town called Divine Designers.

Youtube helped her alot, to get over her fear, she would watch different different fashion lessons on Youtube and with time, she became more than confident.


Divine Donna now is a big household name in the fashion world in Paidhaa and West Nile. She had her first Fashion show last year in December 2019 and believes to hold a much bigger one this year.


She is currently based in Kampala but with her roots in Paidha.

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