LP Shaady Can even Beef Jesus to be talked about & Quin Gee is Frustrated - G.A Swagga

Posted on Mar 19, 2020
By Derrick Passy


Following the release of "King Kong Audio" by Quin Gee & LP Shaady which was directly hitting at Senior Woman

Rapper Anika Grace Alias G.A Swagga, Many music Analysts across Westnile have Openly Come out to Condemn the song. Among others, Anzo Nard of Madi Night & Producer/Fellow Artist Ginuham have Openly termed the Song as most Boring & Useless song in the Careers of the two.

G.A Swagga as the direct receiver has said, "Quin Gee is Frustrated Since she has lost the Popularity, Fame among Fans especially when she came back from Gili Gili Prison where She was Jailed for Defiling upcoming Artist Ice Gabana & as well throwing her Daughter whom She didn't know who exactly the Father was in Barifa Forest".

As for LP Shaady, G.A Swagga said "Shaady lacks real musical talent but wants to be talked about that's why He can even beef Jesus Christ in Heaven".

While talking to westnilexpozed.com, Swagga also added that "She's the only female artist who does Responsible Shows in town with many organisations and NGOs that why she's being hated by her once friend Gee.

When asked about how far the Case between Her & LP has reached, She said LP has not been commonly seen around town for long to receive the Summon letter from Court however she's not giving up.

About the song, " I'm not going to reply those Gamblers but rather focus on Pushing my Latest Wacha Matiso Video" G.A Swagga Concluded.


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