Joanitah D Gyal Announces Debut EP Project.

Posted on Jun 02, 2024
By Maas Manus

Alur's songstress Joanitah D Gyal, born Biwaga Joan, is set to release her debut EP, titled "West Nile Girl."


This project consists of six tracks, aiming to promote girl child education, particularly for girls from her native home in the greater Nebbi District and the West Nile region, Northern part of Uganda.


Joanitah shared her vision for the EP with our reporter: "I feel like I always talk to women through my music on issues that women feel shy to speak about. So this EP will highlight the challenges our young girls, daughters, and sisters face in their daily and different walks of life."


"The pressure from society is too harsh for both girls and married women. As an artist, I need to be their voice and empower them through my music," she adds.


While focusing on these themes, Joanitah and her team will ensure that the EP remains true to modern Afrobeats, incorporating cultural sounds and Dancehall elements.


"The lane I have chosen with this EP doesn't change me. I want my other fans to know that I am an artist who makes music for everyone. This project targets girl child and women’s emancipation in leadership within our region. We need more educated women who can lead the West Nile Region and the entire country," the 'Vibe' hitmaker notes.


Additionally, the EP will include tracks for her fans who enjoy upbeat, feel-good music, such as "This Year" featuring Bushy D King.


"West Nile Girl" marks Joanitah's first cohesive project, showcasing her commitment to using her music as a platform for advocacy and empowerment.


"I am so excited about this project, and I am sure that our people are going to relate to every piece of the music in this EP" she concludes


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