Adjumani Musician Caught red-handed with Stolen Goat for Sacrifice

Posted on Feb 21, 2023
By Derrick Passy

Shock has engulfed residents in a Adjumani Suburb this morning as Christian enter into lent season after a female music diva did the least expected.


News reaching us has it that, A Ma'di female Artist hailing from Adjumani has at 12:30am of today Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023 left her nearby neighbours in shock after she was caught red handed with a Stolen goat that she had already slaughtered ready for Sacrifice to be taken to a Shrine.


The music diva whose name is concealed for privacy matter said, She intended to take the Meat to a Witchdoctor's Shrine upon his request inorder to boost her musical coverage.


Residents & local Authorities have converged & are yet to handle the issue that our ears & eyes are on ground following up.


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