Genius Brown Criticizes Trend-Chasing Artists

Posted on Jun 03, 2024
By Maas Manus

Alur Flow Rapper, Genius Brown criticizes Paidha-based artists for producing music without "substance."


The "Cam Ku Kunu" hitmaker claims that many artists have turned to social media platforms like TikTok for cheap and superficial music ideas.


"Others are now singing nonsense! They find some nonsense on TikTok, go to the studio, and start recording that nonsense. Artists from Paidha are getting worse," Brown remarked.


Genius Brown believes that such trendy sounds are short-lived.


"It seems these artists are not focusing on their legacies. Creating good, relatable content takes time and consultation, which is what I strive for in my music," he added.


His concerns follow the release of a project titled "Umoye Lee" by Kaga Boy and Smart Eddy, who are  born and raised in Paidha Town, Zombo District, currently based in Mugwalu, DRC.


The project has sparked mixed reactions among Alur music consumers, especially after a sound track "Amoyo Mwe" trended on TikTok for about three months (April, May, and June, 2024).


Two iconic Alur artists, Elton Loverboy and Twisky Fingers, shared their insights on the @DailyFixPodcastUG YouTube Channel with Hosts Maas Manus and Jaw Stewart. They emphasized the importance of releasing relatable and enduring music.


Twisky Fingers highlighted the critical elements of lyrics, sound, composition, melody and subject matter.


"We have artists who come out with hit songs, but most of them don't last because they are created for the moment. You can't hear that music now; it's dead. Such artists consistently release songs, but eventually, fans get tired of them," Twisky Fingers observed.


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