Artistes Express Mix Reactions Over Untimely Support to Niga Roo

Posted on Jun 19, 2024
By Maas Manus
The Alur Artists are mourning the death of renowned music producer, Warom Deo alias Niga Roo High, amidst a heated debate over the adequacy and timeliness of support during his illness. 
West Nile region yesterday woke up with the shocking death of the fallen soldier, Niga Roo.
This tragic event has sparked intense discussions in online forums, revealing deep-seated frustrations and divergent views on artists' solidarity and responsibility.
Kay Stars Entertainment Bos, Wojok Decorda expressed frustration over the perceived delay in mobilizing financial support for Roo during his illness. 
"If he was sick and some of you knew, why didn't we raise the money before?" The Banana singer questioned, criticizing the colleagues for waiting until the situation became dire. "I hate this nonsense. Alur Music won't have peace because we wait for things to fall apart and then pretend." He adds, promising to send his contribution directly to Roo's family and urging others to do the same. 
In response, Real Canary, another member of the WhatsApp group, emphasized the complexity of the situation. "Sometimes, because of the privacy of the patient, many people may not know about the sickness," Canary explained. "Hence, less help is rendered to the patient. When someone passes on, it's easy for news to reach people, allowing them to mourn with the family and offer support in various forms."
Max Sparrow, one of the WhatsApp group administrators, expressed disappointment over the lack of seriousness displayed by some members. "We created this platform to raise funds for the funeral arrangements for our fallen producer Roo, who is our friend, mentor, and brother," Sparrow stated. "But I am so disappointed in some people who are taking things for jokes here and yet they can't help in any way."
A celebrated Radio Presenter, Aloysius Wopangere urged the artists to set aside their differences during the difficult time. "Oh God, why. At this trying moment, my fellow Alur brethren, let's speak in a language that can unite us for the noble cause," Wopangere implored. "For the sake of our brother Roo's soul to find peace, let's unite for peace and love. Other issues will be sorted out later."
Justin Beits, a close associate of the deceased encourages his colleagues to "continue with such a wonderful heart" of kindness and generous support. 
The body of the late (Niga Roo) was taken off this morning around 6 am from Nebbi to his ancestral home in Bweyale, Kiryandongo District.
Tentatively, the Burial arrangements are scheduled for this Thursday, 20, June 2024. 


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